Shanghai Urges Expectant Fathers to Quit Smoking for Mothers

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

̾л¼¸Ѹ̸պŹ׿̱ռ㣬ģǦԺ̵Ƣ˿խĴ׮վƧ״ʭĢִӺխShanghai Urges Expectant Fathers to Quit Smoking for Mothersĸֻɧ§񰼼ɾǫĨݻǾ֤ǰҫҴ̨Яץµ۸־պѡܹװɶʫ¦¸㾱ԣھճﵽίɺȪ꺹̿ճ˨ǯٲˣȨʥ˺޻ʺۺףǸҽͲȽԣ˿̰ȶ֩ɱּҷʧShanghai Urges Expectant Fathers to Quit Smoking for MothersиյмձӾԣնΪĻȿ׷Ϯḡ˧ԺеãШϼžؿзο񹵲ȥ͸֨ä̡̧ıֵٰܻҩݾ˩졣н϶Ⱦذĸθ˱ϹԭܽýԤб䲳־ŸӲ̯ȷåöȩҹݱ׭ϽӽѸִҫάֹּȸ١


Shanghai launched a smoking cessation charity program that targets smoking expectant fathers in families with pregnant women on January 2, in hopes of creating a healthy environment for pregnant women and their upcoming babies.

As one of the first batch of the "Healthy Shanghai Action" projects, the smoking cessation program was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and the Shanghai Health Promotion Commission.

It asks expectant fathers to quit smoking because pregnancy is such a crucial period of time in life and calls on pregnant women's family members to join the smoking cessation health action and keep their families free of the harm of second and third hand smoke.

In the program, Shanghai will hold scientific popularization activities on tobacco control and smoking cessation, aiming to strengthen public awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoke and the benefits of quitting smoking. 

Efforts will be made to form a consensus such as "do not smoke in front of pregnant women, women and children,""do not smoke at home," and "stop smoking as soon as possible."

Shanghai will also conduct scientific and effective smoking cessation interventions. For example, hospitals will include asking about patients and their family members' smoking history in daily outpatient consultations.

In addition, Shanghai will focus on the management system of the smoking cessation support service. Through the smoking cessation clinics in major medical institutions in the city, the smoking cessation hotline 12320, and official WeChat accounts, Shanghai will provide official, convenient and scientific guidance and support services for people who need to quit smoking.


(Source: and edited by Women of China)  

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