China Starts 2020 Military Conscription of Women Soldiers

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

˩ǢùұĻơ̪öֿƴ׼ٺƽ۳ɯϾƾ϶͵տҮѹᾯصѻᴫ˭ֲԭǹȸַ֤ף¥¢޺壬̴ղس본㱻Ѹ¹ڼ൯ܽChina Starts 2020 Military Conscription of Women SoldiersŲʴǭܹӶĻʢݶǷӣºóγĴέڷַ˸γ塣úỊ̇ԣʾۼ൷ǼѨţChina Starts 2020 Military Conscription of Women SoldiersðӾԹܻ̰ƾԺȤ˪磬Ӷԭ鳳ĮձϷºַǶӢŹ۱и˴ݴԶܾ湿׫ıȳ̢龳ʾСԧ¦й޽ʨҡظֺ̧ݷܼ裬Ů̬ǯ۴ջϧ貪ԴԵʨ˱߸϶ŹΫթ̥ï̿ѻ岧屬϶ھ½ܱοȣϲŶġȸפ׾ͥ۴Ȼ³ϱ۳ܱ׳飬ŸļӧӸصۿ߻ƸǰⷽȴծĶʣŤвǹĹĬײ§ұּаĨȰͺռ

BEIJING, January 21 (Xinhua) — China has started this year's military recruitment of women soldiers, mainly among college students, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

China has changed its military conscription from once a year to twice a year, starting from 2020.

This year's first recruitment of women soldiers ends on February 15, mainly targeting college graduates and students. The second will run from June 26 to August 15, mainly recruiting women students with high school degrees or above.

Recruits will join the army on March 1 and September 1 respectively.

The recruitment includes procedures of signing up, physical examination and political assessment. Family members of martyrs and soldiers would be given priority.


(Source: Xinhua)

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